Thursday, 26 April 2012

JJC Responds To D’banj’s Allegations, Calls Him a ‘Bad Seed’

 The recent interview D’banj had with has added a new twist to the rift between defunct Mo’Hits bosses D’banj and Don Jazzy with JJC now appearing in the picture. The ‘Awoo’ crooner has  responded to D’banj’s allegation that Don Jazzy was cheated while working with JJC and 419 squad, in another interview.

Excerpts from the interview with Nigezie when you continue, very, very interesting…

“I started doing JJC and 419 squad which was a squad of people that was speaking and rapping in yoruba.along the way MP took a guy called D banj to my house and d banj came as normal up and coming artist normally do,baba please your name is big,please help me,yeah and of course ,like the mugu,mumu button activated JJC,i introduced him to my band ,what can you do,he sang,i said thats not really good,the harmonica that you play is really good,lets work on that one and develop your style,along the way another guy called kas brought don jazzy to my houseand don jazyy at that time was playng for solek as a piano player and Dbanj and don jazzy now was working with me.

The thing that upset me was the article said thatthey were working for four years and didnt get anywhere,you tell me whereelse you could be,i toook all of them to womad which is biggest african world stage they could be,we were performing in every single show that there was possible,anything that was happening ,JJC and 419 was doing it,we were at the top of the game and a lot of people can actually testify to that,what are you crying about,i didnt pay you to come and perform.

You are nobody,nobody knew you,so would i pay you to come and perform i was giving you an opportunity,giving you a platform to come and perform,so i dont understand that, Number 2 ,the article said something about how i cheated don jazzy,how come don jazzy didnt say that for himself,you tell me what incident i cheated him,i taught him how to produce,which made him don jazzy that he is today,i use to pay him a thousand pounds everymonth in 2004 which was almost 250k for being a trainee,now i come back to nigeria to come and do awoo and i see don jazzy ,d banj .

Don jazzy was even talking to me, D'banj was carrying himself like some superstar,yes he has made something of himself and salute to the music that don jazzy made,salute to the lyrics that don jazzy wrote cos i know from mobolowowon to all the way,na me and don jazzy write am,now the rest of the song that follow, i am sure don jazzy wrote it and if na lie let me hear,even wande coal don tell me say na don jazzy and him dey work for the records and now you are mr d banj koko koko,you think you are God,what did you call yourself, jesus of nigerian music.I paid them to learn how to become better themselves ,so that you can become someone big and then for you to turn around and be slandering my name?Ki lon she e now.
You have the mouth to say it ,after you don eat my food,sleep in my bed,i even give you girl,you are the one that was the bad seed in the box and thats so obvious”.

And so the Mo’Hits parody continues…. Your thoughts.. 


  1. Sm pple obey the "don't bite the finger that fed you" s*, shile others just don't. Deal wid it.

  2. Some people obey the "don't bie the finger that fed you" s* while others just don't. One's got to deal with it.

  3. Some people obey the "don't bite the finger that fed you" s* while others just don't. One's just got to deal with that.