Tuesday, 8 May 2012

“I'm an actress not a musician”, Ini Edo debunk Reports of Recording a Song

While no definite songs were sampled, sultry Nollywood actress Ini Edo was a victim of scornful tweets yesterday after a reports that she has dabbled into music and has recorded a new single.

The actress has however debunked the news, stating that she remains an actress and is not planning to go into music, atleast not in the nearest future.

   "Its amazing how people cook up all manners of lies against people jus so they have something to say.pls I'm an actress not a musician,I have nvr recorded a song and if I ever choose to,pls do me de honours of allowing me break de news.people shd get busy positively..an idle mind is de devil's workshop".She tweeted moments ago” Ini posted via Twitter.

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