Friday, 18 May 2012

Nigeria’s Representatives Chris and Ola Exit Big Brother StarGame

The duo of Ola and Chris, representing Nigeria at this year’s BBA StarGame are out of the running for the USD300,000 prize, thereby reducing Nigeria’s chances of winning the competition.

 Viewers of the reality TV franchise were utterly shocked today when the duo announced that they will voluntarily leave the BBA House during a diary session with Biggie, citing Ola’s health issues.

 Ola said he suffers from ‘high blood pressure’ and that after consultations with the House Doctor, he has to bow out of the competition. He added that he has thought about it and since the medication he is on does not seem to be effective, hence the somewhat drastic action.

 ‘Health is wealth’, Ola said. ‘Yes, this is a game. However, we can’t play with our lives’, a sombre looking Chris added, indicating that he is willing to leave the house to save Ola’s health.

 Chances of Nigeria winning the competition now lies on the shoulders of pop sensation Goldie, who is the celebrity representative of the country.

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