Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Usher and Tameka’s Custody Case; Usher Breaks Down In Tears

Usher today, broke down in tears in an Atlanta court , following insinuations by his ex-wife’s attorney that he cares more about partying than he does about his children.

 Usher who is currently battling for more custody of his kids with his ex Tameka Fox was on the stand for hours during questioning, hence Tameka’s lawyer tried to prove that the singer would rather be at a club gig instead of spending quality time with his kids.

 According to TMZ, while Usher was in the witness stand, Tameka’s lawyer brought out photos of the Grammy award winning singer, partying in Europe, earlier in February this year.

 Usher was also quizzed about his reported drug use. He admitted to smoking pot but was emphatic that he never used drugs in front of the children, an allegation which was raised which was made early in the custody fight by Tameka.