Wednesday, 27 June 2012

BBA StarGame: Goldie Displays Her Acting Prowess

i got this piece from renowned entertainment website and i thought i should share. Do you agree that Goldie has been more of an actress rather than her real self in the house?

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It seems as though Nigeria's celebrity representative at the BBA Stargame, Goldie, is determined to convince viewers and fellow house mates of her acting skills, especially with her new role as queen of deceit.

She once again exhibited her acting skills on Sunday, June 24, 2012 during the eviction show that saw South Africa’s model, Barbz out of the game.

As soon as Barbz was announced evicted, the Nigerian singer burst into tears and begged Barbz for forgiveness, claiming she was out of her mind when she saved Prezzo instead of her. Barbz, however, didn’t seem to believe her story or tears as she calmly replied ‘Its okay’, adding that she had suffered third degree burns after Goldie’s betrayal.

‘Luckily, I have people who love me and people who will take care of me when I get back home’, she concluded.

Meanwhile, the suspense continues as Namibian and Malawian contestants have been nominated for eviction through the random selection process.

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