Thursday, 7 June 2012

Michael Jackson Estate Sued For $1 Billion Dollars In Outrageous Lawsuit

 In what has been termed as bizarre and outrageous, a convicted criminal is suing late pop legend Michael Jackson’s estate up to the tune of $1 Billion for allegedly exploiting her personal details in his music!

 According to TMZ, Kimberly Griggs is claiming that she had an intimate relationship with Jackson beginning in 1979. She claims in a handwritten lawsuit filed in San Diego that the late pop icon recorded details of the relationship in his  ‘Off the Wall’. ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’ , ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Number Ones’ albums.

 Griggs who has spent years in prison for burglary and robbery  alleged that she was shocked and irate that  Michael exposed her personal secrets in his records.  Hence, a promise from Jackson that she will have the rights to the songs.

 Griggs says she was stunned when MJ died and she was completely left out of his estate.

 Now she is suing for $1 billion as payment for damages.

 Some people and ‘famzing’ sha.  RSMH.

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