Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pastor Chris Okotie's Estranged Wife Stephanie Henshaw Opens Up On Divorce

Following the publicized divorce of renowned clergy Chris Okotie and estranged wife Stephanie Henshaw, the mother of three has fianally broken the silence over the circumstances that led to the split.

Henshaw took to her Facebook page to pour out her feelings over the divorce that was announced during the now famous June 24 Sunday service that held at pastor Okotie's 'Household of God' church.

Read Henshaw’s statement when you continue...

"Today makes it three weeks I asked for a separation and a week and four days I packed out. ROMANS 8:28 ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER, FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE FOR THEM. I’m as shocked as most people, as there has not been an argument in my home in over a year, we have been as happy as everybody thought we were. I wait, because I Know in time GOD will make known what has gone wrong.

Twenty years I have known a man, fifteen years we have been the closest friends, I prepared all his meals for ten years including the four years we were married, the day I was asked to leave I prepared his meal, I served it and left, for four years he never fell ill, but today I’m called all sorts of names, witch, mermaid spirit. I have served JESUS with clean hands and a clean heart, I have loved all that have come my way and if I don’t live through this pain and hurt, as sure as Jesus lives my children will see my vindication.

I submitted to the end, I did all I was asked to do, Lord I left that home blameless before u, I have loved, but have not been loved, I have given and not received but that is contrary to your word so today I ask your word be made manifest in my life.

Lies, not from the world but the church, accusations not from the world but the church, where are the spirit filled Christians, the ones who fear and hear the lord. My husband loves and adores me, he is not the one saying these things, the enemies from within, who hate me, they hate the grace GOD SHOWED ME. They hate the mercy GOD HAS HAD ON ME, so they come up with all kinds of lies, my going can bring one mrs…"

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