Wednesday, 11 July 2012

RBB PROSE: Love, Pride and All Things Related By Adetutu Ettu

She cringed as she walked out of the exam hall, fully aware that she didn’t do her best in the test Dr. Oluseyi had just administered. But how could she have? For the past few weeks, she had been bothered about her father being in poor health. ‘I’ll see him after, I’ll just have to retake the test’ she thought to herself as she walked out of the class building.

Ronke, a very brilliant student had never failed a test in all her three years in Babcock university and was not about to do so now. She had not had time to study hard because she had been too busy worrying about her father’s condition.

Her father Mr. Akinkunmi being a single parent, tried his best to bring up Ronke in the proper way. With the ownership of a well established advertising agency, he could afford to provide her with the finer things of life. After losing his wife to cancer, he decided Ronke needed to be close to home so he had her transferred from Middlesex University London to Babcock University, his very own alma mater.

Mr. Akinkunmi had introduced his daughter to someone whom he thought of and loved as his own son, Babajide. He had met Babajide during an event his company hosted and had gotten very fond of him. Babajide Reece was an intelligent young man who had done well for himself already; at twenty-five, he had taken over his late father’s company and had taken it to the next level, making a lot of money for the company.

 He couldn’t think of a better person for his daughter and had conveniently introduced them at a party he hosted to welcome her (Ronke) back home. Almost immediately, Babajide and Ronke hit it off and were almost inseparable since then.

Ronke got to her hostel very late that day because she decided to stay back in school to go over the notes Dr. Oluseyi had given but which she missed. She was too tired to have supper so she put her things away, and went straight to bed. The following day, she made her way to Dr. Oluseyi’s office to explain to him why she felt she deserved a second chance at the test.

Dr. Seyi  was a man too much of his own importance, his students thought of him as a conceited old man who was just out to get them but in reality there was really more to him that they didn’t know. Ronke’s heart was filled with fear as she walked into Dr. Seyi’s office, she wasn’t quite sure of what to expect but she hoped for the best.

‘Yes young lady, and what is it you want this afternoon’ he said with a cold tone as she sat down before him. He looked at her for a few seconds and asked again when she didn’t reply.

‘Hurry up now, I don’t have all day’.

‘I’m truly sorry to disturb you sir’ she said in her shrill voice ‘but I’m here to see you regarding the test you conducted yesterday’.

‘Yes, and what about it’ he said as he looked down and continued with his books, almost like she wasn’t there.

She explained to him about her father’s health, she went on to tell him that this was the first time she had not done her best in a test. The doctor, unwilling to give her a makeup test asked why she felt she didn’t do well.

‘Or have you seen the result yet? Young lady, I would suggest you have a little more faith in yourself. Go home and pray if it’ll help you feel any better’ he said as she got up and walked out of his office. ‘What rubbish!’ he muttered.

The days went by and Ronke was persistent, she wasn’t going to leave him alone until he agreed to give her another test. Finally, on this fateful day Ronke visited Dr. Seyi’s office and cried her eyes out. He felt bad, which was very unusual, this had to be a miracle. He finally decided to give her another test on the condition that even if she failed the makeup test, he would record it anyways. Confident she could do well, Ronke accepted his condition. Just as she turned around to leave his office.

‘oh, and one more thing I’ve told Tubosun to tutor you, so see him and work out a timetable. He said casually. ‘Thank you sir but there really is no need’. She protested.

‘Nonsense’, he gestures to her to leave the office, ‘I insist’.

Tubosun and Ronke couldn’t be more different but yet at the same time similar in more ways than one.

To be continued…


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