Thursday, 12 July 2012

Why Our Marriage IS Rock Solid-Jumobi- RMD's Wife

Being a wife to someone of Richard Mofe-Damijo'status would definitely take more than beauty but a lot of smartness and one would quickly be tempted to wonder how RMD's wife,jumobi(Nee Adegbesan) has been able to cope all these years.

Alot has been heard about thier marriage heading for the rock due to infidelity from both parties, but the love and stability in the marriage of the veteran actor and his wife seeems to be waxing stronger as the days go by.

Recently, the couple celebrated their 10 years of marriage and kept it away from the prying eyes of the media.

During the anniversary,  jumobi was quoted to have told close  friends that the secret of her marital success has been;"keeping it out of the news".

Jumobi used to be in the limelight too,remember her days in AIT, hosting the popular entertainment show, 'Lunch Break', but she had to gradually ease herself out of that circle to avoid  journalist making her and her marriage a "headline" said an anonymous friend of jumobi.

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