Saturday, 20 October 2012

On Chidi Mokeme and Sex Toys...

Chidi Mokeme prior to this time was rumoured to be involved in the business of sex toys, which was later confirmed by the thespian. But in a recent interview with Punch, the Nollywood actor turned model totally denied the existence of the business!

"I am a model, I own a clothes line and a studio. Why are you interested in the shop for sex toys? Only those who are interested in sex talk about sex toys. Sex for me is something you keep behind closed doors. It is not something to be discussed in public. I have not told you that I sell sex toys. So I cannot tell you if I make money selling them", he was quoted as saying about the business.

Continue to read his statement which confirmed the existence of the business...

"When people hear sex toys, because we have preconceived idea of what sex toys are all about, there is a tendendy to immediately put a fence. In the bedroom, there is a campaign for the use of condoms and protected sex. People try not to use it because of all sorts of excuses. Some say they don't get their feelings; it takes away the sensation, and some say it is soft and hard. What sex toys do is to bring together varieties that can help you play safe in the bedroom. It is up to you to select what works for you. Aside that, couples are allowed to enjoy within the confines of their bedroom. Sex toys help you bring creativity into the bedroom. It is actually promoting couples who are legally together, more that ones who are not. So I will advise couples to introduce sex toys into their bedroom to help step up the excitement. Products range from the smallest to whatever. From a simple condom of N50 to toys that go for thousands of naira." Those were his words some three years ago.

Erm, bros Chi, why the denial 'nah'? my people would say anything that brings you money, is worth being proud of (not nefarious things though).Besides, the business is totally legit, so why the change in tone?

 Meanwhile, he would return as the anchor of this year's Gulder Ultimate Search after hosting the first and second editions.

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