Sunday, 28 October 2012

K Solo Denies Responsibility For His New Born Baby?

K-Solo and Kikelomo

In what appears to be an act of denial, controversial singer K-Solo issued a statement warning bloggers and entertainment web sites to seek clarification from his management before publishing any story about him, especially in connection with his estranged wife and newly born baby.

In the statement published on the singer's Facebook page, it was stated categorically that Kikelomo is not his wife, hence should not be addressed as such.
"The baby deliverer has a name and not to be tagged as K-Solo's wife in any sort of claims or otherwise". K-Solo said. Continue to see the full statement...

K-Solo had announced his engagement to another lady some days ago on Facebook, therefore it'll be a no-brainer to infer from the statement that the singer wants to deny the baby as his. What do you think?

(I think the statement was badly written)

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