Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Ex-wife Killed My Son - Mr Ibu

Mr Ibu and current wife Stella Maris
In January this year, Nollywood humour merchant John Okafor popularly known as 'Mr Ibu' lost his 2-year old baby after a brief illness. This came after his current wife and the aforementioned son were kidnapped in 2011.
The renowned comedian has come out to state that his former wife orchestrated the kidnap and is also responsible for the death of his son, who he claims was poisoned.

In a recent interview Okafor said  "My ex-wife and her cohorts planned and kidnapped my wife and child; they were later released after 10 days. That child died a year later through poison. The facts later came out but I don’t want to act on it now".

Okafor claims he got to know about his ex-wife's can of worms while negotiating with one of the kidnappers for the release of his wife and son. 

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