Monday, 5 November 2012

On the Proposed Ban of Postinor 2; Is There An Ulterior Motive?

I woke up this morning and naturally, the first thing i grabbed was my phone. While doing a routine check of all my social media accounts, i got to know via Twitter that for some reasons, the Federal Government plans to ban Postinor 2. Call me a' LASTMA' officer, but sincerely, i never heard of the drug up until this morning. So i decided to consult the all knowing Google and what i found was interesting and shocking at thesame time.

Going by comments on Twitter, i got to know that the drug is widely used by youths, say ages 16 to 27. It is taken orally by females as a contraceptive( to prevent pregnancy). I discovered that although the drug is 98% effective when taken within 72 hours after intercourse, it also has some 'not too cool' side effects, which is why the FG allegedly intends to ban the drug. Some of these negative side effects include tender breasts, headaches, lower abdominal (tummy) pain, diarrhoea, tiredness but to mention a few. Now, some of those against the planned ban(on Twitter) argue that it would lead to a population explosion in Nigeria. What am i driving at, you're already wondering, right?

Well, the thing is, i've seen instances where the FG would ban a particular drug, but you would still get those drugs over the counter. This obviously if followed through, seems to be one of such instances. Secondly, why  now? This drug has been around for years, how come they just noticed its negative side effects? i smell a rat. I mean lets face it, the current crop of youths in Nigeria can be described as the most sexually active, though i stand to be corrected.  With the insecurities that come with other contraceptives like condoms, are we looking at a deliberate plan to vigorously populate Nigeria, without anyone even knowing it?  How serious is the government or relevant agencies in ensuring that these drugs are taken off the shelves? Wont it be a case of a pseudo-ban where a selected few would be allowed to import the drug in order to sell at exorbitant prices, knowing how 'useful' it is?

So many unanswered questions posed by this proposed ban. So, while we await for the ban to be officially  announced, what other contraceptive can be as almost effective as Postinor 2?. Some twitter users  have already asked the question and guess who was at the receiving end? Lol, your guess was good as mine, no other person than 2Face Idibia. The multiple award winning singer would not have any of it, so he quickly responded, dismissing the 'mischief makers'. Check out copies of his tweets below

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