Saturday, 17 November 2012

Our Society is Full of Hypocrisy - Empress Njamah Accuses The Media Of Painting Her Bad

If there is an award for the most controversial Nigerian thespian, Empress Njamah would definately be a top contender.From allegations of kleptomania, to a bitter separation and public fights with Timaya, Empress has seen it all in the world of controversies. But like every other human being, the actress in a strong show of emotions took to her Facebook page on November 7, 2012 to pour her heart out, professing her innocence in the process. She explained to her friends and fans that most, if not all the negative stories reported about her were not true. Continue to read her full statement...

‘Never judge a book by its cover; I am a typical example of that. When people who have read or heard a lot of negative reports about me meet me, they are always shocked. Some will even render their apology, telling me, “Empress, I am sorry, I didn’t think you were this kind of warm, Njamah wrote on her Facebook wall.

‘You see with the way people painted at me especially the press, anyone who has not met me before will think I am a devil. The function of the press in society is to inform, but its role in decadent society like ours is abused by misinforming the masses in order to make money. If you believe everything you see and hear in the news, then, you can as well believe Obama is a grandmother‘, she said.

 ’Our society is full of hypocrisy. Apart from the fact that acting nude is alien to our culture, there are so many things happening in our society today which are not part of our culture. The same people who would love to see you look decent are the same people who would go behind your back to criticise you. That’s our society for you. Yes, if my society is not all that hypocritical, I will do it‘.

You've all heard o, leave Empress alone o.

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