Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Police Allegedly Shoots Bus Conductor Dead at Ketu (PHOTO)

What the blazes is going on in Lagos?!?! Is it that police officers have been given an order to kill at least one citizen everyday? All in the name of enforcing an anti-people law? Yesterday, a motorcyclist was shot dead at Ilupeju byepass, today a bus conductor was allegedly been shot dead at Tipper Garage in Ketu. I mean, someone needs to put a leash on these  blood thirsty, trigger happy hooligans in black uniforms before it generates to total anarchy which the Lagos State Government would find very hard to handle . These killings have to stop. Over four cases of extra-judicial killings have been recorded in Lagos State in the last two months and no arrests have been made, neither has there been any trial. I mean, WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON! Photo of the shot bus conductor when you continue (Viewer discretion advised)

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