Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rapper The Game Wants Cheating Legalized + Colorado Legalizes Marijuana

During a radio interview to promote his upcoming reality TV show, 'Marrying The Game', the former G-Unit rapper disclosed that the world would be a better place for all, especially women if CHEATING was legalized. Jeepers!

The rapper said "Cheating should be legalized. It would make it easier for women. The truth is every man cheats. Fat men, skinny men, basketball player, guy who can’t play, nerds, smart guy, it doesn’t matter. A woman is better off assuming exactly what I said. You’ll be better off that way".

He continued by saying "But I would never understand if a woman cheats. You know the balance. It would be over with. That’s how it goes".

And he is engaged to be married soon! In another perspective, don't be surprised if this 'strange' wish of The Game comes true soon. Remember Colorado and Washington in the US have both legalized the sale of Marijuana. Meaning anybody above the age of 21 in these areas can smoke 'weed' and not get busted. Genius! (Pun intended).

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