Thursday, 8 November 2012

Singer Lami Calls GEJ a Failed President and Leader

The harrowing experience caused by the lingering fuel scarcity and the ban of commercial motorcyclists (Okada) from major roads in Lagos is not limited to a selected few. After posting a photo of a long queue at a fuel station, Nigerian soul singer Lami blamed President Goodluck Jonathan for the country's woes and also described the number one citizen as a failed leader and president.

"It all seems bleak…this atmosphere of frustration is saddening. Nigeria’s president may be good person but in my humble opinion he has failed as a president and leader", she wrote on Intagram. Continue to see the rest of her strong statement...

She continued: "There are queues everywhere…scarcity….no fuel…no diesel…no constant electricity. I often wonder…if i am this frustrated with it all. How do those with no option cope? Fashola’s ban of okadas may have been sensible but i wonder if the timing was right… cos now some people have to pay double to get to work with the fuel scarcity… The Nigerian systems just ain’t working…".

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