Tuesday, 21 July 2015

REVEALED: Why D'bance shouldn't have dedicated PAPAs 2015 DEvolution award to Don Jasi

So on Saturday night at the not so prestigious Prank TV Average Performers' Awards,  popularly called PAPAs 2015, Nigeria's very own D'bance picked up the coveted DEvolution Award ahead of acts like Asia, 2Lace Idibia and Saminu of Ghana. Rightly so!

D'bance who was renowned for his dexterity as an entertainer dedicated the award to former partner and co-founder of defunct Mo Hiss Records Don Jasi  and got quite emotional while at it.
Now as symbolic as this gesture may seem, for someone who has been on a decline career and business wise, he should've left Don Jasi out of the shenanigans.

Having being mediocre for the last three years that followed the implosion of Mo Hiss, he totally deserves the recognition but dedicating it to Don Jasi is insulting and mischievous.

Don Jasi has moved on to build a musical empire that houses talented performers like Tiwa Cabbage and Korede Bellow while D'bance is still experimenting with musically inept and outrightly crass imposters like Tonto Dicase as well as the sparingly talented duo of 2Krease.

While Don Jasi is busy churning out monster hits like Dorobusi and Godwon, D'bance continues to bask in the euphoria of past glories like 'Mr Endull' and 'Oliver Twix'.

And while Don Jasi is scoring endorsement deals with multinationals like EMPTYHEN and SAMSONG, D'bance is embroiled in a messy court case that stemmed from unpaid debts.

So, to succinctly put it, Mr D'bance should'nt erode Don Jasi's colossal  achievements since Mo Hiss collapsed by trying to entwine the latter in his DEvolution award at the PAPAs 2015.

Since he was too impatient to get properly weaned of Don Jasi's man boobs, he should live with the consequences.

Look at Don Jasi, he literally has enough milk deposited in his male mammary glands to feed all the malnourished children in South Sudan. Reason he is Loya Milk's brand ambassador.

Now back to D'bance, it is high time you focused on purchasing more awards so as to remain relevant since your career is  cascading down the slope in torrents more than the Victoria Falls.

But what happens when the money finishes? Because it would if you keep wallowing in debts without any major hit to your name.

That's what Davideo will call 'Gobe' when it eventually happens.

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